About Us

Brand Story

James, the founder of the brand, has been obsessed with handicrafts since childhood. He entered university in 2009 to study jewelry design and manufacturing, and has been working in jewelry design and jewelry making since graduation.
In 2015, he set up his own jewelry studio in New York City and sold his handmade products on an e-commerce platform. After the platform started charging sellers 5%-6.5%, he had the idea to run his own website.

  • Handmade

    Ornate jewelry is a status symbol. Handmade jewelry adds a touch of levity to the luxury. Our handmade personnel strictly follow the needs of customers to create their dream jewelry. We focus on details and treat each piece of jewelry as a unique treasure in the world.

  • Made to order

    Jewelry customization is completely in accordance with the wishes of customers to determine the style, gemstones, metals and printing and other personalized content. Custom jewelry allows you to achieve style freedom.

  • High quality and reasonable price

    We have our own design team and processing plant, which means that you can buy relatively low-cost products from us. Our factory meets local production requirements. We strictly control the production process, so that both products and processes meet the requirements of sustainable development.

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