• Jewelry at Present Jewel

    Unique Design

    We have our own design group and factory. And we are welcome to the customization.

  • Jewelry at Present Jewel

    Made to Order

    Our works are made to order, so we can meet the individual requirements of customers.

  • Jewelry at Present Jewel


    Each piece is handcrafted, not industrially produced. Each one is unique.

  • Jewelry at Present Jewel

    High quality and reasonable price

    Each piece will be a pleasant experience for our customers - not expensive, but high quality.

Customer Reviews

  • Jewelry at Present Jewel

    Maria Balabanis

    This is a beautiful ring and it's just as gorgeous (if not more!) in person. I requested a darker blue sapphire to match my earrings and the seller was able to accommodate us. Thank you so much!

  • Jewelry at Present Jewel

    Krishila Bundhoo

    The seller's job is very well done, besides being a sympathetic and attentive person. We are delighted with the ring which is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Jewelry at Present Jewel

    Alice Ben

    I was incredibly surprised by the seller's customer service! They were able to help fulfill my custom order and expedite it! I'm so impressed and I can't stop staring.


Ready to start designing your jewelry?

Jewelry at Present Jewel

Customization via Specific Requirements

Our experts can assist our customers

in creating a one-of-a-kind jewelry

that uniquely reflects your love and care.

Jewelry at Present Jewel

Customization via Pictures

Our company and factory can accept

that customers send us pictures of jewelry

and we help their ideas become the real ones.